The Th'Meran Curse

Session #3
The Grand Aqueduct

[Player Perspective]

Session #2
The Trials of Aghaat

Player Perspective – Lyn

Skeletons? Werewolves? The night had started so joyfully as we sat downstairs and listened to Cedric play music. Nearing the end of the night, I tended to Cedric as I always do and we fell asleep only to awake to the barkeep and townsfolk being transformed. All of the comfort of the rest in the inn slipped away as we battled to defend ourselves.

As we finished our battle and saw to our wounds, we were quickly surprised by a noise in the back room. Not wanting any more injuries to come to my companions, I quickly moved toward the hallway to provide a shield between us. The noise paused as I tripped over a fallen stool, trying to keep myself quiet as I almost fell. Through the partly opened door, I could see a werewolf tucked back in the storeroom. It began to move toward us.

Suddenly, we heard more noise around us – more werewolves? Of course! They travel in packs… I thought for sure another battle would be upon us but they didn’t seem aggressive as they slowly moved toward us. As they slowly closed in, I backed up to shield Vida and Athyria. As I moved backward, Athyria began speaking in Druidic to the creatures. They paused and seemed to be responding. Through some conversation, Athyria informed us they didn’t want to hurt us and we should continue on outside of the inn. We gladly left.

While walking North, Otis’ preferred direction, we came across a church that blocked the path. I respectfully sheathed my sword as we entered the large door. All of the sudden I was falling and sliding lower and lower. As I reached the bottom of the slide, small lights lit the area where Athyria, Vida, D’artagnan, and myself lay. Not sure of where Cedric or Otis were and having no way of climbing up to check on them, we decided to move forward.

D’artagnan bravely led us forward, scouting and every so often hitting the floor trigger to turn on the lights to help us see. We proceeded down a long hallway, and eventually entered a dark room. Trying to provide protection, I moved into the room and ran into what I later found out was a cabinet. I stubbed my toe, which caused some creature in the black beyond to growl. I took a stance, read to ward off any evil away from my companions when in a quick instant the lights came on and something slammed into me from behind. The cabinet had opened! I quickly grabbed a sliver scabbard that looked like it would fit my long sword and turned toward where I had previously heard the growl.

A cage was lifting and underneath it was another werewolf clothed in black and purple tattered robes. As it moved near me, I took a deep breath and reflected on my training. “Keep your nerves calm, focus on the task, protect those around you…” All of the words of my teachers and mentors flowed through me as I attached the silver scabbard and swung heavily at the werewolf. My blow caused it to look very sickly as the four of us entered battle.

Brave and noble Athyria delivered the final blow and our enemy came down, all of us safe and secure. A door slid open and we could see another room beyond. We looked for clues on the werewolf but were unable to find any. As we finished looking around and gathering our belongings, we headed to the room beyond the door. There we found Otis and Cedric. I rushed to Cedric’s side to aid him, as he was unconscious and being carried in by Otis. Athyria joined me and together we were able to nurse Cedric to enough health so he could be comfortable.

The room we found seemed like a gift for the duties we had just performed. We were able to find food and clothing that suited us perfectly, as well as beds to rest on and treasure chests. We searched the room and took only what we needed, finding it refreshing to be able to repair equipment that needed it. Not knowing what to do next, Athyria informed us that the werewolves at the inn had told her of an eternal night, how the cathedral spires had something of a night root, and that they needed us to sever it.

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Session #1
Arrival in Th'mera

Player Perspective – Otis

It’s always about Cedric, isn’t it? I was content to stay in the forest for a few more days, but I suppose his thirst couldn’t be helped. We made it out of the woods unscathed, and onto a well-traveled road just outside a city. Even though sickly fog masked how large the looming city truly was, I noticed a feeling of optimism about this place. Connecting the dots, the soothsayer from my youth had mentioned a city (or was it a tower?) that promised happiness and opportunity, and I was sure this was as foretold. Imagine my surprise when Cedric announced that he knew this city, and promised a meal and comfortable lodgings at some establishment of wide renown- the Forlorn Maiden or sommat. Of course, I had never heard of such a place, but I was simply content to have a guide at this point.

We wandered deeper into the city, and the fog gave way to great spires to the north. Another promising omen, and I was filled with confidence. This was certainly a place of great intrigue. We arrived at our destination, but my companions simply milled about the entry! Were they expecting a welcoming fanfare, or perhaps a formal invitation? Was it that they were warded off by some ill omen, such as an abundance of red dyes and hues? Not sensing such malevolence, I threw open the door to the Forsaken Maiden, and proceeded up to the bar. For such a highly-rated tavern, the social scene was quite dead, but there was a comfortable lack of red décor. No matter; I was here for food and rest. The innkeeper seemed tense, and revealed that the city had been steadily losing residents. His main disappointment stemmed from a regular who appeared to be late.

Ever the one for theatrics, Cedric burst through the door and strode up beside me. The sparsely populated area broke into applause, and the innkeep’s face brightened. So Cedric really had been here before or simply bore an uncanny resemblance to someone popular here. Either way, Graham the barkeep produced a letter for Cedric, and informed us that all expenditures had been paid. Good fortune indeed. I instinctively wandered toward the northernmost unoccupied table. Naturally my party followed, as I’m sure they also deemed it unwise to risk the balance of our newfound good luck.

Cedric quickly discussed the contents of the letter in hushed whispers, but he seemed extremely optimistic about the undertaking. It seems a priest of sorts had a job for us to do, and Cedric was keen on accepting it. Vida had also recently expressed disinterest in the forest clime, citing “lack of opportunity” or sommat. My spirits were lifted to hear each other member of the group agree with the general terms of the request, further evidence that this was to be. Taking advantage of our new employer’s generosity, I splurged by accepting a mug of milk.

Standard public house procedure followed: Cedric broke out his lute- even heavily intoxicated, his performance was certainly better than it had been in the forest and in villages- and Vida prowled about to scouted the premises. As Cedric proceeded to repeat musical numbers, I scanned the room for interesting conversation. A few strange phrases were spoken: “The great wolf is in the chapel”, and “The watchers have not left us”. It was during this time that I felt in-tune with everything that was going on in the room, all at once. But this euphoric feeling was not to last, as m’lady Vida entered the room with a hint of concern on her face. As if on cue, Cedric passed out mid-note, and we took this chance to shuffle upstairs, but not before requesting a bucket from the bar.

Up in our party’s room, Vida revealed a strange phrase written in elven that she had found on a door. I mentioned that I had heard this very phrase downstairs in the common area. Perhaps this was simply the name of a room, but “Leg Door” was certainly a poor choice. We decided to investigate this room, but we retreated back into our room almost immediately. Upon returning, our Paladin had fallen asleep. At that moment I also began to feel the effects of sleep, and I recall drifting off with the wonderful feeling of satiation at the meal, drink, and warmth.

I awoke with Vida murmuring at the window. Something about skeletons in the street. What? This was the Forsaken Mistress, not in Urgathoa’s court! I arose to confirm suspicions, and noticed that there were indeed a few skeletons in the street! However these were not simply ordinary skeletons; it was Graham and Meric from the Frostbitten Mistress common area! Graham’s plaid shirt and crusty blonde mullet were unmistakable, although appeared a bit older. Adjusting my studded leather codpiece, I followed my companions downstairs.

The common area; once warm and inviting, was not the same as it had been the prior night. The aura of good tidings that I had sensed the prior day was quickly slipping away. Vida moved to lock the entry door, but to no avail. Athyria’s cat was out of the bag, and we would define our fate against 4 skeletons and 2 half-werewolves.

Battle was a blur. We were quickly rushed by our bony attackers, and Cedric and Lyn withstood mighty blows. Despite this, Cedric decapitated his undead aggressor, and galvanized our troupe into action through an inspiring monologue. Lyn seemed to be flailing about wildly; but once she calmed down she smote her attacker with a radiant pillar of light, vaporizing the skeleton with the power of faith. I withstood a glancing blow to the shoulder, but no significant damage was incurred. We emerged victorious, but it was a pyrrhic victory of sorts; our hosts and friends from the previous evening had been dispatched. Innocents will always be causalities in times of conflict.


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