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Following their arrival in a small town, five adventurers find themselves caught in the midst of an ancient curse.

As the nature and history of the curse is revealed to them, they will find themselves relying on one another’s unique skills to navigate the streets of the warped city and escape to safety.

Regarding Adventure Logs & Internal Wiki

Just so everyone is aware, the adventure logs can be written by multiple players/characters. If you see that an adventure summary has already been written, feel free to continue below the end of the previous summary by noting the character perspective from which you are writing and then continue in whatever style suits you best.

I will be updating the adventure logs to link back to both the main wiki and the character pages as I update them. If anyone would like to add their own character backstories to their character pages on the wiki, feel free to do so. There is also a “GM Only” area at the bottom of the wiki pages that you should be able to edit if you would like to include a portion of your backstory that you feel would not have been revealed to the other members of the group yet.

Home Page

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